once upon a time... House of Lashes Lash Story.

I have always had a love / hate relationship with false lashes. While I don't enjoy wearing them for my everyday look, they are what finishes a full makeup look, hands down. I have always loved how the House of Lashes look on the many beauty bloggers I've seen wearing them, and last fall I bought two pair to see how they were. I immediately fell in love and was shocked to see how thick the band was across that held the hairs. The lashes were so easy to apply, especially with the HOL Lash Adhesive.

When I saw the Lash Story case, I figured it was a good time to not only invest in a proper, professional case to store my lashes - but also a good time to add a few new pairs of lashes as well. I also got the mini adhesive set so that I am prepared with glue at all times. (Which I've found to work very well with glitter).

I love to have a variety of styles to match whatever look I am going for. Some of my favorites are the Noir Fairy, and the Temptress Wispy

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