Hello There!

I have just returned from Toronto Canada, where I took a huge step forward on my path. It was some of the most intense trainings I have revied to date, and coincadentally, it has been only a few weeks over my one year aniversery into this path of Liniage Based Light Work training. Naturally, there has been a lot of refelction on this event, and I wanted to share a brief backround to my Spiritual Journey thus far. I hope you enjoy! 

I am also celebrating the opening of my services! I finally feel empowered enough to step forward with all that I have learned this far to help others heal, and progress. You can learn more about my services I currently offer HERE. 


GROWING UP AS A SENSITIVE SOUL I often had intensely intuitive insights into situations. I regularly felt things that I could not see, sometimes good, other times bad. I was highly sensitive to other people's thoughts and projections, and even my own feelings. I spent a lot of time living in fantasy, I found safety in "my own world". 

LATER IN MY TEEN YEARS I started experiencing trauma from being so highly sensitive. Situations that most people wouldn’t see as that bad effected me drastically. My experiences with the things I felt had become more regular, and more powerful over me. I didn’t have the tools to protect myself and heal from my experiences. I slowly slipped into a state of constant anxiety & depression, that ruled over my life for years. This eventually worsened, and brought me into several "mental disorders" or so I thought...

ONE DAY, ONLY A FEW YEARS AGO... I decided that I'd had ENOUGH of being a puppet! My life had still been going on, but every day, I fought to maintain my happiness, and sense of self in my body. Easily I could be triggered into states of pure bed - ridden anxiety / depression that sometimes lasted days, or weeks. My body was completely sick, resulting in numerous IBS related pre-autoimmune disease illnesses. I WONDERED WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO MY OWNERSHIP OF MYSELF?

So, I did what any normal person would do, and decided there must be a reason and way to fix these things, because I WAS DONE BEING A PUPPET FOR OTHER FORCES TO CONTROL. 

I decided to face my fears. I stopped allowing my "mental disorders" to hold power over me. I stopped associating myself under their powerful titles. I stopped allowing my fears to stop me from living, and instead investigated and faced them head on. I realized if something caused me anxiety, that it was something I had to face. I traced my fears to the source, realizing most of them connected to some sort of attachment I had. I had to realize I might have to loose everything in order to find myself again. I allowed myself to do what made me happy. I started taking ownership over my decisions, and owning up for my faults and mistakes, which helped me treat the people I love how they deserve, rather then blaming my actions on a mental disorder. I STOPPED BEING THE VICTIM, and instead started to FIND MY STRENGHT AND EMPOWERMENT. Things slowly started getting better, however I still was suffering from Insomnia, terrible Physical Health Issues, and though it was lesser, I still struggled with my anxiety & depression. But, at least I knew my triggers, and how to constructively work on these things daily. I could easily have stopped there, and had a much better life. However, I had made it through a very long list, and I was not yet done... At the end of that list, was written "To face my fears of the things I feel but cannot see". This is what truly started my path into healing, and took me to a place within myself I never imagined possible. True Empowerment. Connection to my Purpose, My Higher Self, To Source, Happiness and Unconditional Love. 

THEN WHAT HAPPENED...? MYSTERY SCHOOL WHAT?! Stay with me, we're almost to the present day... So then, I dove deeper, into one of my biggest fears. The world of the "energy healers" and "spirituality"... I had always been so off-put by all of the new age fluff that exists. While some of it can be helpful to feel good, I craved for deeper understanding, and had never found anything that resonated with me. After some time looking around for answers, I finally found a Light Center in Austin Texas, called Activate Austin. It was here I was told that there was a path that not only would provide me with healing and tools to heal myself, but heal OTHERS if I so choose to pursue it. One of the paths was the "Warrior Path" and as soon as I heard those two words, my entire life would never be the same. The Modern Mystery School is a Mystery School associated with the 7 other Mystery Schools around the world, however unlike the other ones, only this particular branch has been opened to the public. They offered LINEAGE based healings, and teachings, that had been orally handed down for over 3000 years. To me, this was much more legit and safe sounding then pretty much everything else I had come across before then. After a few sessions, and feeling the energy move in, through, and around me, as well as a sense of deep knowing, I realized I had found what I always wanted, but never knew existed. Immediately, I moved forward and had several clearings, healings, and proceeded to jump right into 4 days of intensive classes, followed by flying to London a month later where I took my first week long corse to learn how to provide some of these Healing Services to others. I jumped in head first and I have been on the path and training ever since that first day, constantly working on myself, and continuing learning how I can better serve others. Its been a little over two and a half years since I've been working on myself in Mind, Body, and Soul, and as of today I would consider myself cured of ALL prior "Mental Illnesses" I suffered from daily for over 6 years, including Insomnia, Body Dysmorphia / Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Self Harm, Etc. 

I am the clearest, and happiest I have ever been in my entire life, and though healing these wounds, and facing my traumas and attachments, and ego head on has been the hardest thing I have ever done, it has been the best thing I have ever done in my entire life, and I love the person I have become.

Now, I am called to help others who may be stuck in the same, or similar patterns. I know what that is like, or can understand. Nobody deserve to live like that, and there is no reason we can't all live in happiness, full of purpose, in our highest potential, and walking in our strongest power. 

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we always have a choice on which side we will stand upon. we have a choice to fight for what we deserve, what we all deserve.

Its Time.