I recently had the amazing opportunity to visit Sharm El Sheikh Egypt, A beautiful paradise on the shore of the Red Sea. 

I love how ornate middle eastern architecture and design is. The implication of geometries, and simplistic yet complex patterns is incredible in my opinion. I of corse adored the design at the resort where I stayed, and took advantage of the opportunity for a chance to play dress up and show off my new favorite black dress amongst these marble halls with these amazing arches.

I immediately fell in love with this dress when I saw it. The corseting with the O rings reminded me of a spine, and as some of you might know I do happen to find spines and the nervous system quite fascinating, since my dad is a chiropractor... I even have a spine vertebra tattoo. When I saw this dress. and saw the back, I fell in love. I find this dress incredibly beautiful, and I love how the emphasis is along the spine line, rather on the chest, or legs... Its nice to have a diversity on where the attention is drawn to. Safe to say it is my new favorite go to elegant & sexy dress for occasions. Paired with my favorite boots, and favorite ear pieces - I'm ready to go. 





Laso Spike Boots - YRU SHOES

Crystal Ear Weights - DIABLO ORGANICS 

My time in Egypt was absolutely amazing. I will be posting more about my trip soon, so be on the lookout!