Windsor Wonderland

I FIRST VISITED WINDSOR when I was a young girl, off to the UK for a Student Ambassador trip. I remember it like it was yesterday, and when I returned this time with my love, it was like I was in two time realities at once. That was my first time abroad by myself (I was with a group - but not with any of my close friends, or family members.) and it certainly sparked this desire within me to explore the world. On both visits, It was a fresh breath of freedom, excitement, and a strong connection with the history of the land.


I've always been a dreamer, but I've also been a dreamer that takes action on those dreams, and never underestimates the possilitiy of making those dreams a reality. Returning someplace you've been, that you only ever dreamed you would see again prior, makes you realize that truly the world is much much smaller then we imagine. The spirit of adventure certainly has taken me under its endless wings. This place was one of the first places I felt truly limitless with the possibilites life holds, if we are not afraid to take the jump, and trusting we will be caught, we too will soar. 

The UK itself of corse is incredibly magickal. The UK in SPRINGTIME is certainly unearthly. The way the trees and flowers blossom during this time is unreal, its truly as it you are in a dream. 





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