I am currently a freelance self represented internationally traveling model based in the bay area, ca with over 7 years of experiance working with photographers, sets and teams world wide.

i am open for agency representation.

i accept bookings from professional photographers, brands, photo hobbyists ect who’s values and vission are in alignment with my own, with clear set intentions. i pour a lot of myself into what i create, and because of this, i do not accept every shoot offer, thank you for understanding.

from me

along with keeping up with my health skin & physique for shoots, i also am very respectful of your time. i am professional, hard working, and determined to get the desired shot. i can provide makeup, and basic hair styles. i have a very basic wardobe that i can pull from, including lingerie - however please note i do not keep with current trends or styles, if you have a personal look please concider a wardrobe budget, stylist or designer for our shoot.


i am available for the following generas : Editorial, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Art. i shoot tasteful nudes, though i do not shoot explicit overly sexual shots / frontal nudity. if you would like to to pose with another model, please discuss it with me prior to the booking. if booking for a shoot where i am to interact with any materials such as paint, glitter, oils, water etc - please mention this so that i may plan accordingly.


i am based in northern california, and regularly accept bookings in and around the bay area & northern california. i am an internationally traveling model and often booking projects world wide. please refer to my travel schedule to see if our paths might cross.some places i regularly visit are : Los angeles, texas, toronto, london & berlin. i am passport ready and always willing to travel for projects given travel compensation is provided (airfare, hotel / airbnb, meals).


i accept a very limited ammount of trade shoots during the year with photographers who i want to create with. most trade shoots are for the following : film mediums of any kind, trade for raws*, trade for full team on set, publication, trade for film cameras / lenses. often i will reach out if interested in a trade shoot, however if you feel our styles ressonate, please don’t hesitate to reach out. if we agree to a trade shoot i absolutely expect images promptly - i do not work for free please respect that.


currently only accepting bookings with compensation and financial exchange for my time creativity & effort. if you have a rate in mind please include this, otherwise i will provide my rates based on the project. my rates start at 75/hr and go to 125/hr. i offer hourly, half day, & full day rates.

image delivery

i work very hard before & during shoots to pour myself into what i create. i do expect images within a resonable time frame, in addition to my compensation after shoots. if you cannot work on the images due to any reason, sending me the RAW files would be appriciated.

booking / canceltation policy

i require a deposit of 20% of the agreed upon shoot amount upon time of booking. this deposit is non refundable if the shoot is canceled.

booking with me means you have read all of my terms & agree to respect and commit to them.

for bookings please message booking @ jordanlehn.com or visit the following