intimacy & intricacy


One of my favorite ways to feel better and boost my self confidence is by wearing lingerie sets under my everyday wear. Incorporating patterns, textures, and colors by wearing thigh high stockings is one of my favorite ways of doing this. I feel really sexy, so much taller, and much more confident when I wear thigh highs in particular. (Plus, they tend to keep me warmer too). I love the extra pop they can bring to any outfit, and how they can complete a lingerie set. These Alessia Thigh Highs from Vienna Milano are some of my favorites I have been able to wear, because they do not require a garter belt to hold them up, giving me much more freedom, and ease of wearing for any occasion. The quality is amazing, I tend to rip my hosiery by accident pretty often, so far, I have worn these a few times, and have not ripped them! They are quite soft, and do not slip down my leg at all. Thigh highs are flirty, sexy, and classy, and can complete any outfit, be it for a formal occasion or sexy night out, (or both). ;) 

You can see more styes of these beautiful Hosiery pieces from Vienne Milano here