this reverence for myself, for this life.

its taken me quite sometime to get to a place in life where i put myself first. creating a life that prioritizes the truth in my heart has made me softer, more open, and of corse much more grounded. i had to learn how to respect myself, and create a life that supports not protecting my heart, but opening it. so much has changed within me, and it feels finally time i can stand in my fullness.


Your Temple is Inside You

Surrounding You

a temple is a designated space where you exist in a high frequency ; with intention and reverence.


This dress is one of my favorites because of how it makes me feel when on, life heaven on earth. It is from Free People, purchased from Anthropology.


Is your life aligned with supporting your temple? Can you walk in your truth, and be supported in the journey? What questions do you have about this? Drop them down below.

<3 Love to you.