Alchemy - a seemingly magickal process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Magick - to create something into something else, or create something new from nothing. 

Using the Ancient Clearings, Healings, & Activations that I offer, I facilitate you in your unique journey of healing, and creating a new reality for your entire life.

I attend regular LINEAGE BASED ORAL HANDING DOWNS & trainings throughout the year, as well a recertification classes as required to ensure I am up to date with my techniques, and how to better help others around me by continuing my own progression on the warrior path in order to fully serve. All of my sessions are done in Crystal Protection Gridded Rooms, In a space I clear and maintain daily by using the tools I have been trained to use. My space and tools are cleared before and after each session, ENSURING the purest state for everyone who enters. I am here to help you throughout your healing process, you are never alone!

To read more about me, and my journey, please scroll to the bottom of this page, or continue on to check out the Services I offer. 


DESTROY... old energies holdning you back, any blockages you may have, attatchments, tramaus, patterns & programs, whatever no longer serves you.

HEAL ... your body, mind, etheric structure, & soul so that you can be deeper connected to spirit, and have a concistant flow of energy.

TRANSMUTE ... using this new clairty of past experiances into new ways of thinking, beeing, with purpous and intention behind everything you do. 

IGNITE ... your inner fire & spiritual DNA and collide with your highest potential. 

AWAKEN ... your gifts old & new, living aligned with your own unique path.

TRANSCEND ... beyond what you ever dreamed possible, create your own reality.



Life Activation

Activates the 12 spiritual dna points along chakras, restoring better connection between body, soul, and spirit. Allows light / life force energy to flow throughout body, breaking through blockages, old patterns, haze, allowing for more energy, stronger immune system, awakening and activating sences & gifts, ESTABLISHES or enhances connection to higher self, allowing you to collide with your highest potential and inner DIVINITY. connects you to your PURPOSE.

ALSO includes :

Energy Healing & Balancing session.

crown chakra cap removal - establishes light flow to crown chakra & re establish magnetic energies to help ground YOU.

negative crystal removal - allows light into STAGNANT areas & removes blockages

dna reading - a reading of your spiritual dna, helping to bring clarity in steps towards life's PURPOSE.

Session length : 2-3 hrs. / BOOK


Aura Healing

our auras are the outer layers of our etheric structure. these layers can effect our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. we are constantly overlapping with energy that effect the STRENGTH of our aura. over time, tramas (physical / emotional), substances, and exterior energies are all things that can damage an aura. overtime, creating holes which eventually can manifest as physical / mental illness or stress. this session repairs & seals these damages to the structure, and STRENGTHENS the aura.

Session length : 1 hr. / BOOK

Crystal Healing

using healing quality crystals for your specific desires, we DETERMINE which crystals and layout is most appropriate for your specific needs, so the session is full of intention. we allow these to do thir job & heal, while you enjoy a soothing time to relax, meditate, or sleep all in Auroma THERAPUTIC, crystal gridded, protected, hi vibration space. 

Session length : 30 min - 1 hr. / BOOK

Etheric Energy & Chakra Balancing

central core balance to REESTABLISH connection to earth, 16 lotus petal opening, balancing elemental lines, balancing magnetic lines, full chakra balancing.

Session Length :  45 minutes. / BOOK


Negative Energy Removal

this clearing removes negative energy that may be effecting you or CURSES intended upon you by others. Something as simple as someone yelling at you in traffic, to someone Intentionally wishing harm upon you... All thought is acted upon, which is why we must learn to have control over our minds. this clearning will reverse any ill intended energy that may be cast upon you. This helps bring you back to a balanced state of being, living free from negativity. 

Purification by Light

this clearing blasts THROUGH any lingering NEGATIVE energy and leaves you feeling protected, and at peace. If you would like any specific assistance on any matters in your life, you may also state your desire to receive assistance during this time. 

Cord Cutting

this clearing clears you of any energetic cords you may have formed. although not all cords are harmful, many of the cords we form are unintentional, and stay flowing even if we are physically moved on from a situation or persons's life. cords can form between Situations and people we emotionally conect with or have ATTACHMENT with, and more INTENSELY with people we PHYSICALLY & INTIMATELY connect to. when we have these cords, energy is constantly flowing between you and that situation, or person, again, even if you have emotionally moved on from it, it still effects you energetically. having cords can leave you feeling emotionally ATTACHED to situations or people while you are mentally healing, they can leave you feeling often drained and unable to ever feel rested for no apparent reason, they hold us back from truly moving with our life, as we stay "tied" to these things on an energetic level, which will effect us mentally and physically.

cord cutting sessions are a way to cut those ties to whatever is holding you back and draining you. once your cords are cut, you are able to reconnect with those important to you, with much more space energetically, and emotionally to support the POSITIVE relationships in your life. Cord cuttings are especially reccomended as needed for individuals in the service industry, or often dealing with other people's emotions on a regular basis in order to be centered in your own life at all times. 

these sessions are offered as a package. cord cuttings can be booked as an individual session, however i would RECOMMEND first getting the full series of clearings for full effect. 

Session Length : 30 mins - 1 hr. / BOOK Full 3 Part Series / BOOK Cord Cutting


12 Strand Codon Reading

after the life activation, i am able to "tap into" your spiritual DNA and receive insights that is part of your PURPOSE here on earth. my sences usually range from direct messages from your individual guides, to words, emotions, or full on scenes that feel like a mini movie. each part of the Spiritual dna I access is associated with a part of your physical life. after the reading, we can discuss further. this part is recorded for your CONVENIENCE. 

Included in Life Activation.

Crystal Reading

using SPECIFICALLY programed quartz twin crystals that have been programmed specifically to connect the reader to the client, we call in your guides specifically to help provide clarity to your life, situations, focusing on the past or future. this session is an INTUITIVE reading done in a crystal gridded HIGHLY protected space. i have spent many years developing my INTUITIVE skills, and PRACTICING DISCERNMENT, therefore i only respond to information that comes of the light directly from your specific spirit guides. this session can be EXTREMELY helpful in gaining clarity, however i always remind my clients they have free will, and do not have to take what they hear in these sessions as their absolute truth. please come REPAIRED with a list of questions, follow up questions, and try to avoid "yes" or "no" questions. the more REPAIRED you are, the more you likely will receive from this session. 

Session Length : 30 mins - 1hr. / BOOK 


Max Meditation System




INCLUDES  :  Aura Healing, Crystal Healing, and Balancing Session

Completed in same daY. / BOOK


INCLUDES : Life Activation Session Followed by a Crystal Healing

Completed in same daY. / BOOK


INCLUDES : Negative Energy Removal, Purification by Light, Cord Cutting, and an Aura Healing

Completed in same daY. / BOOK


INCLUDES : Negative Energy Removal, Purification by Light, Cord Cutting, and a Life Activation + INTEGRATION Kit to help you maintain the energy through the process. 

Completed in same day. / BOOK


INCLUDES : All Current Activations, Healings, Clearings, Readings & 5 Free Max Meditation Attendances + INTEGRATION Kit to help you maintain the energy through the process. 

each session including a time to check in. 

 Completed As Desired, Generally Between 1-3 Months. / BOOK



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