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my story.

I have been energy / entity sensative my whole life, although it took many years for me to understand the things I was feeling, why, and to embrace them as the gifts they truly are. i struggled with depression, anxiety, and many other related stuggles for many years of my life due to feeling alone and confused with what i felt. I spent many years of my younger life studying, researching, and learning more about esoteric beliefs. I was at a loss for where to seek professional guidance, and struggled to find any personal connection with many of the new age beliefs and practices, or finding anything posative that ressonated with my core beleifs. i picked up a few basic practices, and allowed my gifts to develop further. 

in 2015, I decided i was done allowing my depression to rule my life. I started on a journey of working on myself, learning self love, becomming independant, and doing work fixing and letting go of many things that I allowed to hold power over me for so long. I am still learning, growing, and healing, though I now recognize how much has changed in my life over the years. I am in constant awe of the beauty and knowledge that was created within me out of the most destructive moments in my life. It is one of my goals to inspire others by showing there is hope, and things will get better with self work, care, love, and time. you are not alone, and if you are gifted with certain abilities, you are not crazy.

In summer of 2016, I found the team at Activate Austin,  and my life has changed incredibly since then. I found what i've always been seeking, and have been spending every moment since then learning more under the Lineage Based teachings under the Modern Mystery School & my Guides at Activate Austin. I have since taken many classes, traveling twice to London for programs, corses and slowing gaining more certifications. My journey will continue spring 2017, where I will be taking two weeks full of sevral courses, furthering my knowledge, tools, and self.


contact • consultation

I am currently working with the team at Activate Austin.  You can contact me via email at : jordanlehn@activateaustin OR at : info@activateaustin with any questions or appointment bookings. 

Come give us a visit, enjoy some tea, and learn more by booking a consultation with a member of the Activate team and myself.