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IG : @jordanlehn


based in CAlifornia



I am made & remade continuously. In every moment is spirit magick and creation. 

I am inspired by the mysteries of life, the beauty in the little things, my studies in the esoteric, spiritual realms, & metaphysics,fantasy,the balance of destruction & creation,my own personal spiritual journey, my past experiences battling mental illness (& the healing process),transforming between different versions of self, expressing things i cannot say in words. 

i use intention, alchemy, and magick to incorporate, integrate & encourage values such as connection relation & intimacy, breaking out of shadow self, facing our fears,visual healing, conscious & sustainable living,mind body & spiritual health,living in our truth,facing our fears,unconditional love,forgiveness,& embracing one's real self and unapologetically exposing it to the world, living royally and as our true divine selves, remembering the fantasies and realities of this world, acceptance, and more. I incorporate these elements into what I create, so that my images/videos/posts carry the vibration full of intention and energy into the world.

i have over 6 years professional experience as a freelance model & photographer, a lifetime as a visual artist, and 3 years studying advanced spiritual trainings & teachings as part of a mystery school.i combine all aspects of my past & present into what I do. Some professional titles I wear (though never limited to) : Creative Director, Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Model, Light Worker, Spiritual Healer, Creative Soul. anything & everything. 

join my adventure.