i study and train in advanced spiritual trainings, and offer spiritual clearings, healing, balancing + more. for more information please use the form below to reach out regarding scheduling a session, or with any questions you may have. all messages & conversations are kept confidential. 

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if you are located outside of california please indicate if you would like to travel to me, or receive a recommendation on who to connect with that can further assist you.
all messages are kept between you, and me only. i offer a safe space, without any judgement. your experiance is valid, and i will provide further recconmendation with the details you feel safe sharing.

what to expect during a session : 

all sessions are held in my current space, under a cleared energy set for healing, or i can come to you*. everyone experiences how they feel energy in different ways, and can feel anything from heat, tingling, sleepiness, or emotions rising. all is normal, and i stay in tune with where you are at, and work at your own pace. depending on the session, there may be specific tools used, specific prayers & toning, and intentions that you set, as i help guide you through the next steps. i will guide you through our entire session, so you are never confused as to what is going on. all sessions are held in a non judgement space of acceptance and love, this is your experience and your experience is always valid, and safe.

what to expect after a session :

after the session, i recommend keeping the day open for relaxation, and recommend a salt bath, or walk in nature. i keep in touch after the session to make sure you are integrating, and am always available to contact before / after a session at anytime. emotions may come up, and i encourage you to take the oppritunity to learn about yourself, and witness without judgement, and pure love for yourself and your journey.

why : 

healing is physical, emotional / mental, and energetic (spiritual). often times, we focus on healing physical things we see, or feel within our bodies, or healing our mental state. this is incredibly important, however if we do not heal all of these things, especially energetically or spiritually - we may find old loops repeating themselves or showing up in new ways. a lot of the time, things effecting our energetic body manifest in our physical body. additionally, a lot of what effects us mentally may be caused by old stagnant energies or attachments spiritually. by healing and clearing ever aspect, spiritually physically and mentally, we can re-establish a blank canvas so to say for ourselves and finally truly heal and be who we truly are - with nothing holding us back. 

how do i know if this will be for me :

feel free to reach out, and we can schedule a complimentary consultation and chat and see where you are at. im better at communicating this in real life, and can answer any questions you may have further. often i will recommend one to explore & seek outside professional help & guidance for areas i am not specifically trained and studied in.

"all healing begins wih self forgiveness. forgiveness of the self leads to forgiveness of others. acceptand & forgiveness creates unlimited love; the most powerfull healing force in the world."